How To Discover A Passion With An Interest


To discover a passion. We must first have an interest in it.

The desire to learn, to explore the world and to look out for changes is a primary human drive. Without it, we wouldn’t have possibly come this far — Discovery aids in improving our chances of survival. However, as much as we would love to have a passion for working on a project, not every single one of us has cultivated a passion.

Passion is defined as an emotion by which an individual has a powerful feeling about something or a strong belief in something. Often, having passion strongly correlates to a keen interest in a particular thing.

If you’ve yet to foster a passion, these simple questions might help you to discover it.

What do I enjoy thinking about?

As the mind often wanders, ask yourself: What do I enjoy thinking about? Be it novel or straightforward thoughts, doing so allows one to be conscious of the types of ideas occurring in your head. For example, I enjoy thinking about a futuristic future whereby technology and humans can work together effortlessly.

What do I care about?

We all have a purpose, and every one of us would likely have a particular cause which matters to most to us. Perhaps you genuinely care about science? Education? Or maybe even health?

What don’t I enjoy doing?

Apart from what you enjoy thinking or the purpose you care fervently about, it’s crucial also to understand what don’t you enjoy doing. Perhaps you don’t enjoy doing routine or repetitive tasks but instead dynamic or exciting ones.

Asking yourself these simple questions would likely provide you with a general direction in allowing you to begin by taking action and understand what you enjoy doing.

Regardless if you already have a sense of direction or understand what the things you enjoy doing are, it takes time to develop an interest. Whatever the intentions of your interests, they are things which you would find unbearable doing and things that you feel confident about. 

Embrace the unknown and do not be afraid to take chances. Sometimes, the things which we expect the least might turn out to be the ones we like the most. The process of interest discovery consists of many roads. There is no one “right” or “best” passion but rather an intuition leading to a direction which feels good.


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