The Simple Answer Holding You Back


“First steps are always the hardest, but until they are taken the notion of progress remains only a notion and not an achievement.”

It was pouring outside, and the thought of sleeping in and cancelling my gym plans crossed my mind. No, I said to myself, when I realised that the reason I wanted to skip the gym session was that it was raining. It was a lousy excuse. Was it that hard for me to grab an umbrella which weight seems exceptionally light compared to the weights at my gym? Was it that hard for me to take the bus to my gym, which was only 10 minutes away? The answer to both of these questions was a starking no.

The human mind tends to have a negative bias which is built with a higher sensitivity towards unpleasant or negative issues. This might lead us to worry excessively or to picture negative thoughts which might hinder our chances of success.

This got me thinking. If I had refused to take action, what opportunities would’ve missed out in life? Life is pretty short, and we shouldn’t let the fear of rejection or our big expectations get into the way of our hopes and dreams. I realised that the main concern holding most or not all of our goals and dreams back are simply the fear of failure.

Then as the curious and inner nerd in me began researching on a simple solution for fear of failure. It turns out that the answer boils down to a single act. Action. A simple word that means so much.

Had I not taken action and the first step, none of these would have happened:

  • I would not have this personal blog which allowed me to write and translate my thoughts into words. (MotivationLifeHacks)
  • Launched my side project of cute dog-themed stickers. (Rexeey)
  • Networked and gotten to know people in various industries both online and offline. (LinkedIn)
  • Gone to the gym today and written this article.

The thing is, you never know how much potential you have in something and you’re likely underestimating yourself. Only by taking action and beginning the first step, would you then realise how much you can achieve. Of course, depending on your goals, you would likely face obstacles here and there along the way, but you’ll figure it out once you have the momentum going.

Additionally, the fear of failure isn’t always a bad one; don’t be afraid of them. Use them as a catalyst for growth which allows us to achieve greater things in the long run, provided you learn from them.


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