What To Do When You Feel Stuck In Life


Now and then, you might get that feeling. Perhaps it’s a little setback, or you might feel that you’re not progressing. Understand that it’s alright to validate that feeling. Even the most successful individuals have their down days too. 

Realise that it’s alright, the flame within us might burn out a little every once in a while. But the goal is to keep the fire burning continuously, much like an Olympic torch, over to the next task and so on. 

Everyone has a different way to get back on track, to seek the source of motivation to continue feeding the flame that is burning inside all of us. Some might work well with motivation videos or Ted talks, some might prefer talking or listening to other like-minded individuals, and some might prefer reading self-help books or articles just like this one to get them fired up.

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, and two little tricks which I would like to share would be to have a little success diary and splitting bigger goals into smaller chunks and applying the 1% rule.

A success diary does not have to be something excessively big, and it could even be the note-taking app on your mobile phone although I prefer the former as I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned pen and paper journaling. The success diary would consist of your achievements, be it small or big and serves as an entry which you accomplished at a point in time.

Similar to ancient times when plaques were engraved as a form of remembrance. It’s easy to get carried away in pursuit of our dreams, every once in a while when you feel like you’ve hit a wall, take a look at your success diary. Visualise as best as you can on the achievements you’ve recorded, and think how far you’ve gotten and what you’ve achieved. These achievements did not exist in a time before they were recorded.

Another little trick I’ve learnt and has been working well for me is to break down complex tasks into smaller chunks. As a goal-oriented person, you bet that my goal bucket list contains a mix of big and small milestones. The only problem? I can’t seem to work on everything all at once. Apart from prioritising, I’ve learnt that, too often with big goals, I tend to get to a point where it seems like I am getting nowhere. 

Instead, I’ve learnt to break down big goals into smaller quantifiable chunks and apply the 1% rule. By breaking down a big goal, it allows me to plan accordingly and create an action plan for each corresponding part. Also, by applying the 1% rule, goals that seem daunting at first tend to become more attainable as you measure progress based on daily improvement.

I hope this helps, feel free to share what other ways do you have to keep yourself motivated when faced with a setback. I’m curious about what they are!


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