What’s Your Study Style and Ways to Exploit it


Have you ever lost focus while learning or studying without really understanding why? Accordingly to Chickering & Gamson, 1991, there are many roads to learning, and not one solution might apply to everyone. There are many paths to knowledge, and people learn in many different ways.

There are four basic categories of learners based on a sensory system developed by Fleming and Mills. Coined VARK, it stands for visual learners, auditory learners, reading and writing learners and kinesthetic learners.

Visual Learners: learn best-using images, graphics and pictures.

Auditory Learners: learn mostly by listening, talking and repeating.

Reading and Writing Learners: generally, learn through reading and taking notes.

Kinesthetic Learners: learn via hands-on activities and trying things

It is important to note that most people tend to use a combination of modes of learning, for example: Visual and Auditory.

Be it a learner or a facilitator, by having an understanding of yours or the other party’s learning style can significantly help you develop strategies for learning or teaching more effectively.

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