Why do the Wise Have so Few Problems Compared to others?


1) They Learn to Manage Their Expectations
Expectations can be a force for good or bad; in a way, they might be able to give us a sense of direction or to set specific standards in our lives. However, the bad happens when expectations start to influence our own decisions and thoughts excessively. The wise learn to manage their expectations rather than letting it rule their lives by setting realistic expectations for themselves. They do not judge themselves overly harsh and criticise themselves when faced with failure and disappointment. Instead, they can adapt to changing expectations based on different situations and options available.

2) They Stay Grounded in Reality
By staying grounded in reality, even if everything seems to be spinning out of control, the wise can take charge of their emotions and be fully present. This allows them to own the moment and prevent the problem from overwhelming them. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, they understand that there are many factors outside of their control. Instead, they focus their energy and time on actions which they have control and can do something about.

3) They have a Mental Reverse Clause.
You might have heard of the famous murphy’s law, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” And the wise always have a mental reverse clause for this. They do not take everything they have now for granted, instead of using a mental reverse clause, they understand that not everything is going to stay the way it is forever. They have a positive psychological cushion which allows them to see things in a positive approach even when everything falls apart.

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